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Bike Fitting

Click here to contact us and make an appointmentNot sure what the right size bike is for you? Are you hands, feet, or other parts getting numb? Click here to make an appointment with Staci to get professionally fit for your bike.

Staci has a Gold certification from BikePT and is ready to make your riding experience the best it can be. Why should you get a professional bike fitting? Keep reading...

The bike fit process includes adjustment of the bike to fit your body and finding ways for the body to best adapt to the activity of bicycling. Good bike fits pay attention to the three primary contact points of the bicycle: saddle, pedals and handlebar. Good bike fit sessions also include attention to the body. Being best prepared for bicycling requires certain coordination, flexibility and strength. A complete bike fit session should include exercises to best adapt you to the demands of bicycling. 

You shouldn’t have to suffer to ride a bike.

Everyone has different goals on the bike. Some people need to commute to work, others want simply to ride 30 miles, some people want to ride a Gran Fondo, while others just want to ride with their friends. Some people aspire to race too. No matter what your goal is, proper bike fit can help you make it happen.

Read, ask questions, get properly fitted, and ride!