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Road & Hybrid Electric Bikes

THE MANY FACES OF JOY Rider and bike working in perfect synergy, you are breathing hard and your heart is pumping but you are in control and having fun. This isn't about riding faster, it isn't even about riding further, this is just about having more fun each and every time you ride. THE PHILOSOPHY OF GAIN Enough Power is a concept that is central to our vision of e-road. A completely integrated system that brings together power, range and interface to deliver a natural ride with nearly silent, unobtrusive assistance. GAIN IS A BIKE Natural handling means tuning geometry and rigidity to optimize performance. In this respect, Gain is just like any great road bike. Natural pedaling means silent and unobtrusive assistance at lower speeds and no added friction, leaving you free to pedal as normal at higher speeds. NATURAL PEDALLING On the climbs, our tuned motors offer enough power to turn gravity down a bit. On flatter roads, when the speeds climb past 25kmph*, GAIN's frictionless, silent pedaling and great power transmission makes it hard to tell this is not a normal bike. * 20mph in USA NATURAL HANDLING On the descents, the combination of Gain's Dynamic Structure and great weight distribution results in confident, fun handling. NO EXCUSES It has never been easier to grab your bike and head out the door. GainĀ“s huge range means you can pretty much forget about battery limitations, and the top tube command center puts all the information you need right at your fingertips. ENJOY EVERY RIDE Many people claim that their e-bikes look like bikes, but we go further than that, Gain is a bike, just one that adds an extra smile to every mile. DESIGNED FOR THE ROAD. CAPABLE ON GRAVEL. The fun doesn't have to stop where the asphalt ends. THE FUN IS ENDLESS The biggest battery on the market, combined with our 1.5 factor, gives more range than ever. This is useful because you will be having so much fun, thanks to GAIN's intuitive handling and natural pedaling that you might well just forget to stop.
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