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Who We Are

Doing Whatever It Takes Since 2010


 Earl's Bike Shop is locally owned and operated in Bellingham, Washington.

Since 2010 owners Craig Earl and Staci May have been "Doing Whatever it Takes" to get you back on your two (and sometimes three) wheels.

Earl's Bike Shop is a full service repair facility. We work on everything from full suspension downhill and cross country bikes to cyclecross, commuter, cruiser,electric, kids, strollers and even the odd golf cart!

In addition to our repair services, we also sell new and consignment bikes. As of 2018 we have several bike lines including Fuji, Breezer, SE Racing, Felt, Orbea, Xtracycle, Faraday, S&M, and Fit Co.. You think that's a lot, come see all the great accessories and parts we have lining the walls.

Craig and Staci

From flat repairs to full upgrades, Earl's Bike Shop has all the experience and parts you need.

Think Local - Buy Local

Buy local at Earl's Bike Shop

Like you, we’re excited about all the technological changes happening in the world. And we recognize that the world we all live in, while still vast in a geographic sense, is much smaller today. Mostly because of this technology, such as the internet that’s connecting us to you at this very moment.

Yet, try as it might to shrink our world down to the size of neighborhoods like those we live in, the internet may serve us locally best of all, as neighbors and partners in our real communities.

As you travel the World Wide Web in search of information, we hope you’ll remember that there are many businesses with addresses just a few steps or miles from yours, who value your business and support many of the local events and learning opportunities right here at home.

These businesses include the bike stores in our area. We know. We’re one of them. And all of us work hard to earn your business day in and day out. The next time you need something for your bike or just want to know about a good place to ride, we hope you’ll remember to check with us, in person, as well as exploring our website. We look forward to seeing you the next time you’re riding through the neighborhood.