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Marin Bikes

We have a wide selection of great Fuji bicycles!
Marin Bikes are Made for Fun. Since the first mountain bikes bearing the Marin Bikes name debuted in 1986, the brand has been dedicated to enriching the lives of our riders by making fun, high caliber bicycles, which provide years of riding enjoyment. We operate a business based on hard work, fueled by passion, and fulfilled by the satisfaction of brining the joy of cycling to riders across the world.

Whether your idea of fun involves riding rugged trails to that remote alpine lake, pinning on a rack number and entering your first race, taking the long way home on your commuter bike, backpacking to that remote campsite, or just exploring the neighborhood bike paths, Marin brings the fun on your ride. It's the principle that guides up when developing new bikes, from long-travel, trail-devouring machines that are at home in some of the  world's most challenging race circuits to the multi-surface capable pavement collection. Each model is designed to be playful and to maximize the opportunities for two-wheeled fun

So stop in soon and take a test ride on one of our wide selection of Marin bicycles. 


Steeped in the rich heritage of the Basque Country and refined by years upon years of cycling innovation and feedback from world-class athletes, the current Orbea Bicycles lineup is the most advanced series of bikes Orbea has ever offered. With painstaking detail, Orbea's team of engineers have optimized each model to exceed expectations with every ride. Breathtaking aesthetics, cutting edge frame construction, and an effortlessly responsive ride quality beg the only question left to ask—Do you want to be fast?
Come check out the Orbea bikes in stock!

Built for those days where the singletrack never ends and the road just keeps on turning. Ready for climbs that make you wear your guts right on your sleeve. Standing tall at the intersection of simplicity and sophistication, everything that Orbea produces will leave you itching for another hour on the trail. From fast to rowdy and everything in-between, Orbea's new lineup brings the spirit of the Pyrenees to your ride, inspiring you to conquer new challenges and seek adventure at every turn.


Do your favorite rides begin or end with headlamps, an ice chest and great friends? Does your bike have to do everything well to get you there and back again? If you think you might be this rider, then Occam should be your bike.


Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in MTB.


A sleek, fun, reliable tool that can be easily maneuvered into apartments or workplaces. Vibe is a bike that is light weight and enjoyable to ride - with a motor, battery and integrated electronics system designed for the fast-paced, grab-and-go lifestyle of the city.


Terra isn't a repurposed road bike or a slimmed down mountain bike. Add comfort to your road adventures, finally discover where that dirt trail leads or let your trips spread overnight. There is a wide world out there and Terra is ready to explore it with you.